About Henna

Henna, also known as mehndi, is the ancient art of dyeing the skin with paste made from powdered leaves from the henna plant.
The plant is native to a wide geographic area throughout the Middle East and India. Traditions, recipes and patterns were shared along the trade routes across India, the Middle East, North Africa and into Moorish Spain (until the Spanish Inquisition).

Henna has been used to decorate the skin and hair for thousands of years – and has been found on the hair of pre-Dynastic Egyptian mummies, dating back to nearly 3100 BCE!

Traditionally, the hands and feet are painted before important celebrations (like weddings), and the painting process is a festive occasion as well. Usually a women’s art, some cultures also henna the hands of men on the eve of their weddings.

Patterns vary from culture to culture…in India, hands and feet are covered in intricate, lacy designs. In North Africa, more geometric patterns are preferred. In Pakistan and parts of India, the initials of the bride and groom are hidden in the mehndi on the bride’s palms; it is said that if the groom cannot find the initials, the wife will be the family boss.

Henna is natural, beautiful, and brown. Henna never turns black by itself; toxic chemicals are often added to make henna stain black instead of brown. These chemicals can burn the skin, leaving behind scars, and they also increase your risk for cancer. Avoid anything labelled “black henna”. If it says it dyes the skin black in less than half an hour, it’s too good to be true and it’s dangerous!

Real henna takes time to dye the skin. You leave the paste made from powdered henna leaves, lemon juice, tea, and other food-grade ingredients on the skin for several hours. Once the paste is removed, it leaves behind an orange stain that can take up to 2 days to reach its full color.

Crescent Moon Designs uses only 100% natural henna powder imported from reputable companies. This powder is mixed with all-natural lemon or lime juice, molasses, and essential oils such as: lavender, eucalyptus and lemongrass. If you have a sensitivity to citrus or essential oils, you can ask Natasha to make a custom batch of henna for your event that leaves out those ingredients.

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Celebrate Life with Henna!

Birthday Celebrations
Henna is a fun addition for Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet 16 parties, Qinceaneras, 40th birthday bashes and even 80th birthday parties! Natasha has a wide variety of traditional and modern designs to fit your party’s theme.
Baby Showers and Blessingways
Henna has been traditionally used to celebrate the joyous arrival of a new baby a month or two before the birth. That tradition lives on when you add henna to your baby shower or blessingway. The designs can be good wishes for the mother and baby or just plain decorative fun. If the expectant mother is sensitive to certain scents, Natasha will make a special batch to suit her preferences.
Wedding Celebrations
When you want a certain special something at your bridal shower or wedding reception, think henna. Traditionally used to decorate and bless the bride, henna and weddings go together. Natasha can do both traditional Sangeet designs and creative custom designs for your special day.
Themed Parties
Whether the theme is Arabian Nights, Moroccan Spice, Bollywood or Egyptian, henna will add the perfect exotic touch to your entertainment. Natasha is happy to create custom design sheets for your event! She will also bring table décor to match your party’s color scheme and wear an exotic caftan or sari.
How To Classes
Learn how to mix paste, make cones and the basics of creating designs. Everything needed to get started with the fascinating hobby of henna
Painless and no regret tattoo trials
Thinking about getting a real tattoo, but aren’t sure where it would look best or if that design is really something you want forever. Wondering how a design that looks great on paper will really look like when it’s on a curved body surface. Test-drive the design in henna! It’s painless and temporary.
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