Covid-19 Statement

Covid-19 Statement

It’s been a challenging year and we are keen to resumes services, however, Crescent Moon Designs is currently closed due to the pandemic. We will reopen when the County reaches the Yellow Tier and most indoor activities are allowed to resume. This policy is intended to keep you, your family, and guests safe during this difficult time. Thanks to all of you for your past support and patronage. We miss you and look forward to safer conditions soon.
When we do reopen, it is our goal to provide the safest henna experience possible. We will require all persons getting a henna design to wear a mask. Natasha will wear a mask and change gloves between guests. In addition, all of her equipment will be wiped down with disinfectant before and after the event and her henna cone will be wiped with alcohol after each guest.
During these lean times, Natasha earned a certificate in Public Hygiene which covered how to clean and disinfect surfaces properly as well as safe disposal methods for gloves and wipes. She also went to a virtual henna conference to brush up on her henna skills…since it’s been about a year since she picked up a cone. She is also in the process of updating her design books. When we re-open, we will be ready with fresh ideas and techniques.
Stay safe, be well, and we can’t wait to see you again when the situation permits.

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Our custom hand drawn henna and glitter tattoos

Celebrate Life with Henna!

Birthday Celebrations
Henna is a fun addition for Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet 16 parties, Qinceaneras, 40th birthday bashes and even 80th birthday parties! Natasha has a wide variety of traditional and modern designs to fit your party’s theme.
Baby Showers and Blessingways
Henna has been traditionally used to celebrate the joyous arrival of a new baby a month or two before the birth. That tradition lives on when you add henna to your baby shower or blessingway. The designs can be good wishes for the mother and baby or just plain decorative fun. If the expectant mother is sensitive to certain scents, Natasha will make a special batch to suit her preferences.
Wedding Celebrations
When you want a certain special something at your bridal shower or wedding reception, think henna. Traditionally used to decorate and bless the bride, henna and weddings go together. Natasha can do both traditional Sangeet designs and creative custom designs for your special day.
Themed Parties
Whether the theme is Arabian Nights, Moroccan Spice, Bollywood or Egyptian, henna will add the perfect exotic touch to your entertainment. Natasha is happy to create custom design sheets for your event! She will also bring table décor to match your party’s color scheme and wear an exotic caftan or sari.
How To Classes
Learn how to mix paste, make cones and the basics of creating designs. Everything needed to get started with the fascinating hobby of henna
Painless and no regret tattoo trials
Thinking about getting a real tattoo, but aren’t sure where it would look best or if that design is really something you want forever. Wondering how a design that looks great on paper will really look like when it’s on a curved body surface. Test-drive the design in henna! It’s painless and temporary.
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