About The Artist

About The Artist

My ethnic roots are Irish, English, Norwegian and Czechoslovakian…
My ethnic roots are Irish, English, Norwegian and Czechoslovakian, but I grew up in a melting pot of Fisk University (my mother was a professor) faculty housing where people played congo drums in the hot summer evenings and potlucks were always an exotic feast of colors and flavors. I majored in International Studies at Earlham College, and discovered a wider world of color, culture and art.

I’ve always appreciated the music (and especially the food) of the Middle East and India, but it was not until I moved to Austin, Texas and began taking belly dance lessons that I began to really notice henna as an art form.

The year was 1997: Henna…I was fascinated. I was entranced. I had to learn more. I eagerly read everything I could find about the subject, but I still hadn’t tried henna. Then my husband gave me a kit for my birthday and I was hooked. That was July 1997 and I’ve been henna-ing ever since. In March 1998, my friends began insisting on paying me for doodling on them and Crescent Moon Designs was born.

We moved to San Diego in 2000, and henna gradually took over my life! And now I am a full-time artist! I continue to learn and meet fascinating people, and the more I learn the more there is to learn — the journey has just begun…

When I’m not doing henna, you can find me making bread, painting or playing the ukelele. And whenever I can I attend henna conferences and gatherings… the more I learn, the more there is to learn!!

The International Certification for Natural Henna Arts (ICNHA); member since 2004.
  • Provided henna art at Tesoros, a totally cool shop in Austin, TX, for their summer event, August 1998
  • Hennaed customers at the Austin Spamarama (yes, a festival that celebrates Spam!) in late May 1999
  • Hennaed customers at the Austin Blues Festival in June 1999
  • Participated in the 1st International Henna Conference at Sirius Rising, Brushwood Camp near Jamestown, NY in early July 1999
  • Hennaed customers at WOMAD (World Music And Dance festival) in Seattle in late July 1999
  • Provided henna services at the San Diego Children’s Museum Inner Child Fundraiser, Dec. 2001
  • Created an exhibit on henna in India for the Children’s Museum, March 2002
  • Provided henna services for Best Buddies charitable event, April 2003 and 2004
  • Provided henna at Reebok Triathalon, October 2003
  • Provided henna services to patrons as a park artist of Balboa Park, summer 2004
  • Held a Tsunami Fundraiser as part of the Hennatribe Alliance, January 2005
  • Provided henna services for Best Buddies Bowl-a-thon and Dance, March 2005
  • Provided henna art at Balboa Park’s Spanish Village Arts Festival, May and September 2005 and May 2006
  • Give presentations at San Diego county libraries as part of the teen reading program since 2002
  • Provided henna services for the USO’s day of pampering for military wives, July 2005, 2010
  • Became a juried member of the artist community of Spanish Village in Balboa Park, 2006
  • Juried in as member of the Henna Guild of Southern California, 2007
  • Presentation in SDSU’s residence hall, Villa Alvarado on henna’s usage in the Middle East won best Residential Education Program, 2009
  • Given a presentation and hands-on workshop as part of the Mingei Museum’s Family Sunday series, February 2012
  • Provided henna for the Manchester Grand Hyatt’s Employee Appreciation Breakfast Celebration, June 2014

On my way to Baltimore for the Henna Chai Conference. I’ll be sharing lots of glittery fun and learning tons as well.

Natasha Papousek


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Celebrate Life with Henna!

Birthday Celebrations
Henna is a fun addition for Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet 16 parties, Qinceaneras, 40th birthday bashes and even 80th birthday parties! Natasha has a wide variety of traditional and modern designs to fit your party’s theme.
Baby Showers and Blessingways
Henna has been traditionally used to celebrate the joyous arrival of a new baby a month or two before the birth. That tradition lives on when you add henna to your baby shower or blessingway. The designs can be good wishes for the mother and baby or just plain decorative fun. If the expectant mother is sensitive to certain scents, Natasha will make a special batch to suit her preferences.
Wedding Celebrations
When you want a certain special something at your bridal shower or wedding reception, think henna. Traditionally used to decorate and bless the bride, henna and weddings go together. Natasha can do both traditional Sangeet designs and creative custom designs for your special day.
Themed Parties
Whether the theme is Arabian Nights, Moroccan Spice, Bollywood or Egyptian, henna will add the perfect exotic touch to your entertainment. Natasha is happy to create custom design sheets for your event! She will also bring table décor to match your party’s color scheme and wear an exotic caftan or sari.
How To Classes
Learn how to mix paste, make cones and the basics of creating designs. Everything needed to get started with the fascinating hobby of henna
Painless and no regret tattoo trials
Thinking about getting a real tattoo, but aren’t sure where it would look best or if that design is really something you want forever. Wondering how a design that looks great on paper will really look like when it’s on a curved body surface. Test-drive the design in henna! It’s painless and temporary.
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